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It is your government.
It is okay to own it.

The owner's manual is

The Constitution

But to use it, we have to understand it.

We study Governance (the use of power) rather than Politics (gaining power).

Next Meeting

When:Every Saturday, noon
Where:Redwood Grange
1830 Redwood Ave, Grants Pass (east of Dowell Road)
Cost:no money; 90 minutes of your time & well worth it
(We do take up a collection for rent. You may contribute if you like.)
RSVP:Just show up

About every 50 years, the country goes through a spate of Amendments to the Constitution. They reflect changing values, changing attitudes, changing technology.

The last couple of weeks we looked at the 60 years of changes that brought on the "Civil" War and started the Amendments that came from it, the "Reconstruction Amendments."

This week, we will pick up in the middle of the 14th Amendment, finish the "Reconstruction Amendments" and if time permits, start on the period before the next spate of Amendments -- the period when the ideas of Communism seeped into society.

Since we will soon be looking at the Communist Manifesto, I found THE definitive rendition of the document on the official website of Marxists everywhere. Vik has loaded it onto our website. The link is here.

This contains not only the Manifesto itself but also the Preface to the 1872 German edition, the 1882 Russian edition, etc., etc., a draft of the "Communist Confession of Faith" and other interesting items.

We will also have a guest, Ron Shutz, running for the 3rd Assembly seat, speak to us on the role of the State in the Federal sysem of Governments.

See you Saturday!

(We had a ball in our "Constitution-making" sessions -- putting into practice what we have learned. Take a look at the debrief here.)

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