It is your government. It is okay to own it.

The owner's manual is
The Constitution

But to use it, we have to understand it.

We study Governance (the use of power) rather than Politics (gaining power).

Next Meeting

Having gone through the County Charter, we are taking a break to put together our U.S. Constitution video series. No meetings until the Fall.

When:11am, Every Saturday
Where:513 NE 6th St, Grants Pass
Cost:no money; 90 minutes of your time & well worth it
(We do take up a collection for rent. You may contribute if you like.)
RSVP:Just show up

Starting out this year, a number of folks (self included) thought it would be a good idea to learn our LOCAL government by studying the Josephine County Charter.

This week, after a brief review, we pick up at Section 29.9, “Restricting Nudity” (not sure what that is about, but we’ll find out).

From time to time, as we go through the charter, the lady who chaired the committee that hammered out the details of the charter will be in attendance, as well as one of the other fellows on the committee. They give us background and intent that surpasses a mere reading of the charter. Often a member or two of the county Budget committee attend and give us some of the details of how things really work.

The intention is to go through our county charter, just as we do the US Constitution, word-by-word and section-by-section so we will know how our county government is SUPPOSED to work.

It is your county government. It is okay to own it.