It is your government. It is okay to own it.

The owner's manual is
The Constitution

But to use it, we have to understand it.

We study Governance (the use of power) rather than Politics (gaining power).

As we continue to edit our word-by-word U.S. Constitution video series (Click on "videos" above. Yeah, we'd like a smoother presentation. We raise the money, we will shoot it again. We're raising money here.) ...

We're still holding our MONTHLY meetings.

Next Meeting

When:Saturday, JANUARY 28 2017, 11 am
Where:513 NE 6th St, Grants Pass
Cost:no money; 90 minutes of your time & well worth it
(We do take up a collection for the video project. You may contribute if you like.)
RSVP:Just show up

We just finished going through the Declaration of Independence ... We voted what to do next. We are tackling the Federalist Papers.

Please read the first three by next meeting. We have settled on using the "modern English" translation by Mary Webster. It's on Amazon here.

We always always must have the original text on hand. It is essential to verify the "translation."

When we meet, we'll review Federalist #1 and move onto #2 and 3.

Every time we meet, I learn more ...

It's your government.

That means you own it.