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It is your government.
It is okay to own it.

The owner's manual is

The Constitution

But to use it, we have to understand it.

We study Governance (the use of power) rather than Politics (gaining power).

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When:Every Saturday, noon
Where:Redwood Grange
1830 Redwood Ave, Grants Pass (east of Dowell Road)
Cost:no money; 90 minutes of your time & well worth it
(We do take up a collection for rent. You may contribute if you like.)
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About every 50 years, the country goes through a spate of Amendments to the Constitution. They reflect changing values, changing attitudes, changing technology.

Immediately after the Constitution was presented to the States, it was adopted but known to be flawed so the Bill of Rights was required. A couple of other adjustments were made around 1800 but then about 50 (actually 60) years of accumulated changes in values, attitudes, technology could no longer be contained.

The "Civil" War ensued, also known as the War between the States or The War of the Rebellion, depending on who is telling the story.

This week, and possibly next week as well, we will look at the changes that occured in America that led to the Amendments of the 1860s, also known as The Civil War Amendments, The Reconstruction Amendments, or the Republican Amendments, depending again on who is telling the story.

You might like to look at the period from 1810 to 1860 and come up with your own theories on the major changes that brought on the War of the Rebellion. Libraries have been written about it. It may even be relevant today.

(We had a ball in our "Constitution-making" sessions -- putting into practice what we have learned. Take a look at the debrief here.)

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