It is your government. It is okay to own it.

The owner's manual is
The Constitution

But to use it, we have to understand it.

We study Governance (the use of power) rather than Politics (gaining power).

Next Meeting

When:Saturday, October 15, 11 am
Where:513 NE 6th St, Grants Pass
Cost:no money; 90 minutes of your time & well worth it
(We do take up a collection for the video project. You may contribute if you like.)
RSVP:Just show up

As we continue to edit our word-by-word U.S. Constitution video series (Click on "videos" above. Yeah, we'd like a smoother presentation. We raise the money, we will shoot it again. We're raising money here.) ...

As we continue that, we're holding a series of MONTHLY meetings going through the Declaration of Independence. We should be through the Declaration in time for the new year. At that time, we will probably be going through the Federalist Papers ...

Every time we meet, I learn more ...

It's your government.

That means you own it.

The Owner's Manual is the U S Constitution.

Welcome Reset America Fans!

Sean visited us October 2nd, drew a nice crowd, we exchanged books, and suddenly had an impromptu meeting of the Constitution Study Group.

Browse the site; we are the only group I know that goes through the Constitution word-by-word, making sure we get the definitions, and work to understand how our republic is supposed to function.

Videos tab links to the word-by-word video series (we still have to finish it, see below) and the video used in the county High Schools for Constitution Day assembly (you can use it in your school district too!) ...

Listen Live takes you to the archives of the radio show; word-by-word through the Constitution ...

Downloads are various documents mentioned in the videos or radio shows ...

Donate is self-explanatory, but we are raising money so we can complete the video series.

If you are scratching your head "Who is Sean?" and "What is reset America?", we recommend visiting his site here.)